Umm Kulthum

Umm Kulthum
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Umm Kulthum / أم كلثوم‎ ʾUmm Kulṯūm; born Fātimah ʾIbrāhīm as-Sayyid al-Biltāǧī (فاطمة إبراهيم السيد البلتاجى the date of 30/31 December 1898 or the date of May 4, 1904 in the village Tamay ez-Zahayra belonging to El Senbellawein in Dakahlia Governorate in the Nile Delta.

Birth date is unconfirmed, at that time in the Arab world not to register the birth. The Egyptian Ministry of Information has not confirmed any date of December 31, 1898 or December 31, 1904. According to the biography in English, Virginia Danielson said to be born on May 4, 1904.

Oum Kalthoum, Om Kalsoum, Om Koulsum, Om Kalthoum, Oumme Kalsoum, Umm Kolthoum, Om Koultoum, Ummi Kultsum, Ummi Kaltsum, Umi Kulsum, Umi Kalsum How is known in Arab countries, was known as the “Star of the East” (Kawkab El Sharq) was a singer, songwriter and actress with an exceptional Egypt for 49 years on stage.

The “Star of the East” has died at the age of 76, the date of February 3, 1975.

Death famous Egyptian singer became a national event, about 4 million people attended the funeral procession of them, by their being and Egyptian President Gamal Abdel Nasser.

Nearly four decades after her death, is regarded as the greatest singer in Arab music history.

Of the best known its song, remember:Ana Fi Entezarak -1943, Arouh li Meen or Arook Lemeen – 1958, Enta Omri-1964, Ental Hobb -1965, Alf Leila wa Leila -1969 etc.

I invite you to listen to the songs of the famous Egyptian female singers.

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