President’s message CCERPA

Given the age of the Romanian-Arab relations, which generated a cultural and social treasure, CCERPA was established in order to promote and strengthen cultural relations between Romania, the Arab world, and the European culture, through study and better understanding of their. We put emphasis on mutual respect, the convergences between our cultures, in order to achieve the goals that lead to promotion of ties between our peoples, using modern scientific means.

We, as representatives of the civil society, we understand the important role that we have to play in strengthening and developing the links that have formed over time between Romania and Arab countries.

Our message is a transparent one, credible, pure, open to every honorable person, and who wants to join us, in order to complete this project. We see this step as an essential one to the interests of our country, and with a high respect for the national interests of the Arab contries and respecting the traditions of each society.

In order to fulfill its objectives, the European Romanian-Pan Arabian Cultural Center attaches importance to counseling with Romanian public institutions, and whith the ambassadors of Arab countries that are accredited in Bucharest, wherewith our association has, in fact, a very good collaboration.

Our association specifically addresses to the admirers and lovers of the two cultures, Romanian and Arabian, with emphasis on mixed families, on Arab citizens living in Romania and Romanian citizens living in Arab countries, former Arab graduates of Romanian universities, Romanian citizens who have learned or studied Arabic and also to other people.

One important thing to emphasize is that the European Romanian-Pan Arabian Cultural Center is an apolitical and neutral to religion association, that believes in the principle of equality among of all people, in mutual respect, which act wisely and is based on reason, because only a civilized approach of inter-human relations lead to a corresponding normal development of the XXI century society and its challenges.

In conclusion, the European Romanian-Pan Arabian Cultural Center is a place of peace and respect, having a desire to be a credible model for any similar project or initiative.

Although many students here do my homework and in other urban districts have similar physical features, differences in language, culture, and educational experiences have taxed many schools.