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Out of respect towards life and for a dignifying human existence, out of respect for the common millennial history between the two nations, out of the desire of reciprocal acknowledgement, of the moral values, cultural, historical, traditional, social, economical, political, etc. which define our people, we, the signatories have constituted the Association called EUROPEAN AND ROMANIAN PAN ARAB CULTURAL CENTER (ERPCC).

The functioning principle behind the European Cultural Center is based on the managerial project and also the cultural one, designed as a solution of maximum efficiency in order to attain the proposed goal. A clear mechanism of conception, media coverage and a proposal for the projects will be followed. The strategy of the European Cultural Center is elaborated starting from the principle that this institution is, according to the law, a promoter, an interface between the Romanian culture and that of the Arab world and not a direct producer of culture.

Through its staff of specialists, ERPCC will assure the access of absolutely anyone who wishes to participate in the achievement of the set objectives in conditions of equality and honesty.

Our activity is understood as an additional modality of reaching the strategic goals of the two worlds, together with the external initiatives of cultural nature, social, scientific, economic, political, etc.


The purpose of the “EUROPEAN AND ROMANIAN PAN ARAB CULTURAL CENTER” Association is the promotion and the bilateral sustenance of the Arabic and Romanian culture, the conduct of informational programs, educational and awareness among our nations and communities, about the history, tradition and the culture of these two nations, and specially the common history which they share but also the better knowledge of their moral values, social, scientific, touristic, economical and political which is specific to each country.


In order to further the declared goal, The European Cultural Center aims for the following objectives:

1. Promotion of the tradition and culture, of the geographical, touristic, economic al and political area of Romania in the Arab countries;
2. Promotion of the cultural values, traditional and modern, and also the cultural, social, economical, scientific and political aspects of the Arab world in Romania;
3. Support of fered to the local and national authorities of the two nations regarding the area of promoting culture through projects, programs, activities, partnerships especially through twinning between the Romanian and Arab localities.
4. Establishment of museums, exhibition sites, and thematic expositions;
5. Development of partnerships with public and private institutions from the cultural, touristic, ecumenical, social, diplomatic, geopolitical and political area;
6. Association for projects and activities which contain culture, history and the traditions as their goal and which are specific for the two parts;
7. Sustaining and establishing of local cultural centers in Bucharest, Iasi, Cluj, Timisoara, Constanta etc., and the respective capitals of the Arab countries;
8. Identification and remediation of the existential deficiencies in the promotion of these two nations;
9. Organizing of formative and educational activities for the correct informing of the population concerning the geopolitical status of the two sides;
10. Public advising regarding the copyrights, the intellectual property and representation in the two nations;
11. Support for completing protocols and/or partnerships between the cultural and academic entities, public authorities, civic entities, which are responsible in their field, NGOs from Romania and those that are similar from the Arab area, and the Arab Diaspora in order for the increase of the power of reaction of the society for the disproof against xenophobia and of any kind of discrimination;
12. Organizing debates, symposiums, statistical studies (demographic sociological, historical) manifestations, concerts, festivals, fund raising etc.;
13. Consulting granting for the central and local authorities for the foundation of local administrative structures destined for the promotion of the two parts;
14. Support for the integration of Arab citizens in Romania and of Romanian citizens in the Arab world;
15. Support of the development of international relations between the similar organizations in Romania and in the Arab world;
16. Creation of technical working groups in order for the forwarding of legislative proposals in the cultural rights domain;
17. Initiation and sustenance with high priority of some public debates which are destined to maintain a unitary vision and coherence in the cultural and bilateral domain in Romania and the Arab area;
18. Sustenance and promotion in the Romanian society, the mass media public space of the authentic culture, modern and traditional of both nations.

With utmost respect,

Headquarters CCERPA

By homework for you by the spring of the kindergarten year, ms.