The official launch of the Romanian-Panarab European Cultural Centre – CCERPA

The official launch of the Romanian-Panarab European Cultural Centre – CCERPA
February 22 18:28 2015 Print This Article

Romanian – Panarab European Cultural Center – CCERPA will presents its compliments and has the pleasure to inform you of its founding in Bucharest, in order to promote European, Romanian and Pan-arab culture, and support their convergence. Starting from the fundamental principles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, we propose building a bridge of dialogue and respect between our peoples and civilisations, in a modern, which coresponds of the XXI century, based on our values and mutual respect, in order to understand and real closeness between our cultures.

Considering culture as permanent premise nearby, CCERPA will accomplish its mission through various activities: congresses, symposiums, forums, workshops, festivals (internal and international), events, debates (on various topics), exhibitions, book launches, trips, multicultural dialogues etc.

CCERPA express its opening and stretch hand to anyone, center, institution or association, etc. to be there and experience mutual benefit together to promote the common aspirations and talents and to cooperate in order to achieve the objectives of the common cultural and urges to mutually beneficial cooperation.

And today, November 27, 2013 we are honored to be together at this event and support the important convergences between the peoples and civilizations of our multicultural, your role is very important in this context.

To this event, the official launch of the First Forum of European Romanian – Panarab European Cultural Center – CCERPA, attended members of the diplomatic corps, representatives of the Romanian Government and Parliament, the Prefect of Bucharest, representatives of academia, the media, NGOs and senior guests from Egypt.