Press – Official opening of CCERPA in Romania

February 22 18:01 2015 Print This Article


FORUM 27 November 2013

Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Romania, Bd. Octavian Goga, no. 3
Alexandru Ioan Cuza Hall

Romanian – Panarab European Cultural Center – CCERPA

Is pleased to invite you to attend the official Forum opening in Romania of Romanian – Panarab European Cultural Center – CCERPA First Forum of South Eastern Europe.

CCERPA will aim to promote and sustain the economic, bilateral and multicultural relations of the Arabic and Romanian culture, by implementing information programs, education and awareness of our peoples and communities, history, tradition and culture of both cultures, especially the common history of them, and a better understanding of moral values, social, scientific, tourist specific to each nations by organizing forums, symposiums, congresses and various activities to meet its objectives.

We hope that you will participate.

Thank you!